Importance of Customer Testimonial Video’s

Customer’s testimonials provide credibility when people are looking at your business or service.  Consumers are now researching and reviewing products now more than ever.  The importance of capturing this information and recording customer testimonial video’s is extremely valuable to any business.

In an age where social media plays a huge part in the promotion of businesses, data shows that video’s often have more engagement than photographs on many platforms.  At Silverwood Smart Marketing, we have pulled together some important information for recording customer testimonials as follows:

Select customers

You should hopefully have an established method of capturing customer feedbacks such as instore, online or via email. Therefore, you should be able to identify good candidates who have used your product/ service and can talk positively about it.

Market Segments

Many businesses will have an ideal customer in mind but for many others you will have multiple target audiences.  For instance a hotel will want to attract couples for romantic breaks/ weddings of families for Easter/ Summer holidays.

We would encourage you to record testimonial videos for each of your key segments. Each message and imagery used should be targeted for the specific audience.

How to record

There are multiple options of how to record customer testimonials.  Much will depend on budget available and your product/ service.  For example a customer recording their own video after using the service/ product can be very authentic.  You can also record customer testimonials yourself and use your own phone.  Phones have become so much more advance and there is multiple editing software available online. 

We would encourage businesses to invest in good quality testimonial videos using a professional videographer. By arranging and recording a number of customers on the one day, can create efficiencies and reduce cost per video.  Good planning will achieve this.

Sample Questions to ask

  • What problem did the customer have i.e. they needed a particular product
  • What solutions did they consider?
  • How did they find your product/ services?
  • Had they any reservations in using your services/ buying your product?
  • What did you do for them?
  • How did they rate your product/ service?
  • What was the best feature of your product or service?
  • Would they recommend you to friends/ family and why?
  • Could they describe your company in three words?

Copy writing

It is best not to write copy for customer testimonials and to ask customers to write word for word answers.  Off the cuff or unscripted customer comments better capture how your service helped them and will resonate with other potential clients faced with the same problem.


Ask your customer where they would be most content to record the video testimonial.  This could be their home, your office or in the open air.  You will want to have a location where they are most comfortable.

Don’t Forget

What is your call to action at the end of the testimonial? Do you want customers to visit your website/ store, email or call you, sign up for a free trial period, etc. 

How to promote the video?

Once you have invested in good quality testimonial videos.  We would encourage you to use the video regularly.  This can be done in the following ways:

  • Use on the homepage of your website
  • Post on social media at regular intervals (Bi-monthly with different testimonials)
  • Use on regular email communication

For assistance with creating compelling customer testimonial video’s, please email [email protected] or contact us via: